"Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life." 2 Nephi 31:20

Monday, March 31, 2014

Dear Family

Sorry for the short notice, it seems that we have so much time here that it just flys right by us. Must be the wind off the shore. Elder Smiley and I are doing very well although the people in Veracruz usually tell you more about what they think of you -- which is nice that you cut out the small talk that never leads you to much, but that also hs its consequences when people let you know they don't want to hear about it. The few times people hve denied to pray with someone from another religion have been here in Veracruz. But the members, and the investigtors that do want to learn are as great as ever. The ward is up and running. 

One of our investigators, Christina (18), ran into another man that just decided to enter a church and made herself a missionary telling him all about everything we do. Very exciting coming from a girl you were questioning if she was truly capturing the message to its fullest. 

Well, gotta run again. Take care.

Elder Andrews

Monday, March 24, 2014


The sun hits hard, but the ocean breeze takes off the kick. It's a really nice place to be.  I told Elder Smiley that every time we step outside I feel like we are going swiming because it just has that smell in the air. Although no one really swims on this part, it still holds true to its smell. 

My area may be one of the coolest in the mission seeing as you can't get to it unless you cross the river by boat. About 7 minute travel. The small boats make windy days interesting, but thankfully I only have Colitis, and it does not appear that I am as sea sick as I once thought I was. It was interesting to get in what seems to be a tiny boat with all of your suitcases and cross a giant river, but it is even cooler than it sounds. I have since crossed a few more times for other missionary matters which makes it so I can now say I am experienced in my river crossing. 

Aside from the usual, the members here are more than great. Many of them have told me I look very serious, but its mainly because compared to Candelaria, this little village of Allende seems like a ginormous city, and so I'm still a bit lost trying to figure out where I am. You'd think it would be easy since 2 of my limits are water and the other one is just until you stop seeing houses and so I just have to remember practically one street. But its the getting around inside my area that is what gets me. So, I am a bit more quiet just as you would expect any rural boy to act when placed in a city. But, I like it a lot.

I cut Elder Smiley's hair today. The Bishop must have known from the way that I asked him what he thought that I had cut it, seeing as he replied: "It reminds me of when I lived on a ranch. It looks like a donkey ate his head." Haha. The good news is that Elder Smiley said I at least cut it way better than the sister that cut it for him previously, so I figure that's a plus. I still can't get over that his name is :) 

The Bishop's jokes make me wonder about Mexican sarcasm seeing as I was always told it doesn't exsist. But it most definitely does, although it is true that they are not quite used to Andrews humor. The fact that they think I'm very serious and that I tell jokes with a straight face just makes them laugh more. 

On a more spiritual note, the area is great. The members really work dilligently and we are in store for some great things. I can say as Ammon said: Yea, I desire to dwell among this people for a time; yea, and perhaps until the day I die (Alma 17:23).

I am loving the work here. Find joy in what you do, and try to do it well.

Take care of yourselves,
Elder Andrews


When he talks about "limits" he means the boundaries of his area.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Transfers. I'm headed to area Río in Coatzacoalcos. If you look on a map it is right on the Gulf of Mexico and on the bank of a river as well in a small town called Allende. It should be a good change to end my mission well, especially since my new companion's name is Elder Smiley. 

As for other news, I'm short for time. So you guys lose to Brando as I prepare some pictures for him and his Line of Authority

Love you all,

Oh, also, I have now finished all the Standard Works in Spanish. Cool stuff.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Teach to Improve

I must have just realized that I am the American missionary with the most time in the mission. And it's been that way for 3 months now. An interesting thought. How time passes and the mission gets passed into new hands. But, I'm still alive and kicking. :P Although sometimes you do start to feel like a very old man. But I help where I can. Life in a small branch does get tiring, and sometimes the success seems low, but we always try to look instead for something that we can improve. I still lead the hymns, but maybe this week we'll teach someone how to do it. We worked on teaching Maribel (Brando's mom) to cut hair today. I felt, maybe just a little bit, the satisfaction that God must have when he teaches us to do something. Maribel cut the hair of 3 of us and it was like I did it, without hands! But that Maribel had taken what she had learned from me and had been able to do something productive. 

Sorry, kinda ran out of time. We went to a wedding of one of our investigators. Brando's cousin. She is 16. And we randomly ran into a domestic squirrel. But, we keep on working.

Teach someone something this week.

Love you all,
Elder Andrews
Maribel (Brando's mom) cutting Elder Andrews' hair. 
Elder Andrews with a domesticated squirrel.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Busy Life of a Missionary

So, I would tell you a lot of details in this email, but, there won't be much time because you'll be too busy. This week we went to Villahermosa to visit a General Authority (he is a 70 in the Presidency of Mexico...of the Church). We had to leave an entire day early as to make sure that we would get there on time. Let me describe my travels for you.

Wednesday. 10 AM convey (a bus that is a bit bigger than a mini van kinda thing with seats all along the walls of the car) leaves Candelaria to Tenosique (where our Zone Leaders are). We arrive at 1:30 PM. Work with the Zone Leaders for a few hours. At 5 PM we leave Tenosique to Villahermosa and arrive around 8:30. In Villahermosa Elder Rangel (my former companion) is waiting for us and takes us to his house for the night. 

Thursday. 9 AM we are in our places waiting for the General Authority. 10 AM Meeting starts. 10:10 AM President Morales asks me to start translating to all the new missionaries. 10:12 AM Only 2 sister missionaries want me to translate. 10:13 I'm speaking English. 10:14 Isn't it kind of rude to talk while he is talking? (Just kidding, but I found out I love translating.) 1:30 PM Finish translation. From then on I work in Elder Rangel's area with him and another elder waiting until 6:30 PM we are waiting for another meeting for leaders of the mission to start. 6:45 PM I see Obispo Chablé--the man who might not have really done anything, but the only reason I really stayed in the mission. 7 PM Meeting starts. 9 PM Meeting ends. 10 PM Three other missionaries and I in the Zone get together and are on our way out with leaders of the District (almost like they were Stake Leaders). 10:30 PM They took us to eat tacos. 11:15 PM we are leaving Villahermosa. 2:10 AM we make it to the Elder's house in Balancan. 

Friday. 9 AM looking for a way out of Balancan to Candelaria. 10:35 AM Find convey to El Triunfo. 12 PM Arrive in El Triunfo. Take taxi to Candelaria. Arrive at 1:30 PM. 1:32 PM a member happens to drive next to the taxi and takes us to our house. We go to work.

Saturday. 12:30 Recieve a call saying we need to be in a meeting in Emiliano Zapata. Cancel all our appointments. 3 PM Looking for a way out of Candelaria. All the buses leave in the morning. 3:30 PM Take a bus leaving the mission to Campehce. Get off halway. Wait on the highway trying to catch something going back the other way. (See picture) Many drunk ranchers stop. We teach them on the side of the highway (See other picture). 5:30 Another bus passes. Get on bus. Make it to Villa Chable at 7 PM. Get in taxi. Arrive at the chapel in Zapata at 7:20 PM. The meeting starts late at 7:25 PM. Meeting ends at 9 PM. 10 PM I am in the trunk of a CR-V heading towards Candelaria. 12 AM Arrive in El Triunfo and spend the night with the Elders there.

Sunday. 5 AM Wake up. 5:30 Get on the ONLY convey to Candelaria. 6:30 AM Arrive in Candelaria. 7 AM Get home. 7:20 AM Shower. 8 AM Prepare my class. 10 AM Go to Church. 5;30 PM Elder Segura and Elder Lott (the fat companions that couldn't fit in the trunk) show up to Candelaria.

Monday. Wash my clothes and put everything back where it belongs. 10:11 AM Get a call. Zone Class tomorrow in Tenosique at 9 AM... 4 PM Call saying I am teaching Zone Class here in Candelaria to fewer Elders. 

All in the busy week of a Mormon Missionary. Good news is I'm not sick.

Love you all,
Elder Andrews

Waiting on the highway.
Teaching drunk ranchers on the side of the highway.