"Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life." 2 Nephi 31:20

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Week

Primeramente, aquí está algo que pasó en éste mes. Ya lo escribí en español. Perdón:

[First of all, here's something that happened this month. I already wrote it in Spanish. Please forgive me:]

"Tuvimos otro milagro este semana. Por todo mi tiempo aqui en Carmen no tuve yo un Líder Misional de Barrio. Estábamos mencionando eso con el obispo mucho, pero no progreso apareció para mi. Pero un día hacía algunas semanas tuvimos un miembro muy activo que decidió a asistir nuestro clase de Principios del Evangelio un domingo. Había algo en su ojo cuando estaba yo enseñando (sí esto fue antes que usted me corregió en esto) que pensé a mencionar su nombre al obispo como un candidato para un Líder Misional o Misionero de Barrio porque él no tenía un llamamiento.

[We had another miracle this week. For my entire time here in Carmen, I personally have not had a Ward Mission Leader. We were mentioning this a lot to the bishop, but no progress came about for me. But one day a few weeks ago we had a very active member that decided to attend our Gospel Principles class one Sunday. There was something in his eye when I was teaching (yes this was before you corrected me on this) that I thought to mention his name to the bishop as a candidate for Mission Leader or Ward Missionary because he didn't have a calling.]

Ahora él es nuestro Líder Misional despues de un ayuno de nuestro obispo.

[Now he is our Mission Leader after a fast by our bishop.]

Nuestro nuevo Líder Misional compartió su testimonio con nosotros en nuestro primer reunión y dijo que él tuvo un impressión muy especial de la obra misional ESE MISMO DÍA. (Para mi, no es coincidencia). Él estaba en este cuarto este día porque de verdad él estaba perdido pensando que fue la hora del sacerdocio (sacerdocio reúnan en esta misma cuarto durante la tercera hora). Pero algo tocó a su corazón y quedó allá y sintió que necesitaba ser parte de esta obra. Dos días después, él fue llamado como nuestro Líder Misional."

[Our new Mission Leader shared his testimony with us in our first meeting and said that he had a very special impression about missionary work THAT SAME DAY. (To me, this is not a coincidence). He was in this room this day because truly he was lost thinking that it was time for priesthood (priesthood meets in this same room during the third hour). But something touched his heart and he stayed there and felt that it was necessary for his to be part of this work. Two days later, he was called as our Mission Leader.]

If nothing made sense so far, go back and use Google Translate. Who knows, maybe you'll get some Spanish each week to read! Anyway, as for this week, we have been as hard at work as you can this Christmas season. Not a whole lot is really different during the Christmas time as a missionary. But maybe that is more just for the climate. It started off hot this week. Sweating a ton each day still. But then we got a storm during the night. It woke me up. Mainly because the rain drenched my legs. Thankfully that was all. But still, really wet. Second time that has happened to me. And really only the second time it has TRULY rained here on the island. We get a lot of sun. Although after the storm the weather has tamed down. A lot! It got freezing cold. Everyone is wearing jackets and sweat pants and it's pretty insane. It got down to 70 degrees fahrenheit when we woke up one morning! Imagine that. One day I hardly even sweat. It was rather odd.

Today we got our haircut at 6:30 in the morning and then ran 30 minutes to the grocery store. On the way we got stopped by a member to help move gravel (over 30 wheel barrows worth). They gave us breakfast afterward, so that was nice. Also, they were building in there house. It made Elder Pack ask, "Why did I ever play with Lego's when I could have built a house?" Because the houses here are just a bunch of cement blocks and cement. I was sad the world didn't end becuase I even got a Book of Mormon in Mayan and was studying to be prepared.
I also made a make-shift Nativity set with my Book of Mormon action figures. Hope you enjoy that one.

Love you all,
Talk to the Family tomorrow at 5 PM (my time),
Elder Andrews

Notes: Caleb is serving in the heart of what was once the Mayan civilization.

Elder Andrews reading The Book of Mormon in Mayan "just in case."

Elder Andrews' makeshift Nativity from his Book of Mormon action figures. Which ones can you name?

It appears that Elder Andrews played a part in the Ward Christmas Party.

Elder Andrews may be trying to cool down the dog a bit.
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