"Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life." 2 Nephi 31:20

Monday, January 7, 2013


First, read Alma 7:5.

I read that scripture about a month ago and it rang true. [More so] in Spanish. Who knows why. If it were not for the afflictions I have been called to bear I would not have the love I have for people here. Just something I felt I should share. Cause I know the suffering will continue.

How? This week I got to take care of poor Elder Pack. He woke up in the morning with a sore throat. But a bad one he gets chronically and requires antibiotics. That day was New Year's day. So, of course every doctor's office that gringos were allowed in was shut down. That just made him a bit frustrated, as I'm sure it would with anyone.

So that's how I became District Leader in the first 6 months. He soon lost his voice because we couldn't get him his medicine. It was gone for about 4 days. So, this week I was able to learn a lot since this also meant that I had to teach every part of every lesson, each day. (Don't worry, he got his voice back, so I'm not District Leader anymore. As of today.) It was rough, especially to keep him from hating himself because, imagine, walking around all day in the sun, then sitting in hot building and not being able to say a word the whole time. He had to have been bored. But, he is still trying to work hard, so he pushed through it so I could do something still. What really took a toll on us was when it rained so hard the streets flooded. We got completely soaking wet running home to shut the window. That just made Elder Pack more sick.

But, here I am on the island still going. We got our transfers today. Elder Pack and I will be staying and our house of 4 will be ALL gringos. Should be interesting. I will be helping Elder Pack "die" as they say since this is his last transfer. Everyone in the field right now got a two week extension so this transfer will be 8 weeks instead of the normal 6. If  you follow common knowledge I will stay at least one tranfer after Elder Pack leaves to teach the area which means I would leave my first area after my first birthday in the mission. Roughly April 15th. The mission is interesting. Always something going on to throw you a curve. But adjustment is good. You can't have things your way. Especially when you aren't in your own country. 

Elder Pack and I had a scheduled appointment to paint a house of a local member who had broken his foot. When we got there they decided to cancel! I'm learning more about appreaciation. Maybe it was there way of showing it, so we could go focus on something else. But we really just lost all of that time changing again. There are so many things that people willingly sacrifice for you every day to make your life better. The question is, are you thankful for them? 

I hope I can show my appreciation for you guys and your support. But, we are always in debt to Someone who sacrificed all for us. I love a talk by Elder Henry B. Eyring "Act In All Diligence".

"...Whenever I feel like I have just finished a hard task and feel I deserve a break, I give to myself this rallying cry. Remember Him."

May you all be good examples for those around you. Whether you be "Mormon" or not, if you have read this far its because we had some type of close relation--on one level or another. And I expect you to be the best version of yourself you could possibly be. 

I love you all, and I only hope and pray for the best for you all.

Until next week,
Elder Caleb O. Andrews


Transfers are when missionaries are reorganized in the several areas in their respective missions.
A District Leader is the leader of a small group of missionaries in a Zone. Missions are made of several Zones.
To "die" on the mission is to have finished the two years (for men) and 1.5 years (for women).


gringos = US Citizens/North Americans; this comes from the Mexican American War when the US Troops wore green uniforms and the Mexicans yelled phonetically in Spanish "¡Grin go!" meaning "Green, go away!"

Elder Andrews and Elder Pack before a baptism.
Elder Andrews and Elder Pack after running home in the rain to close their window. 
Other missionaries soaked from the rain.

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